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All boxes £9.80

No delivery charge!


Create your own box:



19 Fisherton Street, Salisbury, SP2 7SU

01722 326 266


Choose your main:

1. Dansak (Chicken) 

2. Massala (Chicken)

3. Korma (Chicken)

4. Thai Green Curry (Chicken)

5. Thai Red Curry (Chicken)

6. Panang Curry (Beef)

7. Massaman Curry (Chicken)

8. Chicken Curry (Chicken)

9. Vegetarian Massala (V)

10. Vegetarian Thai Green Curry (V)


Choose your side combo:

  1. With Crispy Pork in Chinese Wine and Crispy Chilli Chicken

  2. With Crispy Chilli Beef and Sweet & Sour Chicken HK style

  3. With Beef in Black Bean Sauce and Sweet & Sour Chicken HK Style

  4. With Sweet & Sour Pork HK Style and Sweet & Sour Chicken HK Style

  5. With Mixed Veg and Spring rolls (V)

  6. With Mixed Veg and Sauce Tossed Noodles (V)

Other bites:

1. Chips £2.20

2. Curry Sauce £1.80

3. Vegetarian rolls (7) £2.80

4. Prawn Crackers £1.80

5. Sauce Tossed Noodles £4.40


1. Soft drink (Coke, Diet Coke, 7up) £1.00

2. Tiger Beer £3.00

3. Tsing Dao Beer £3.00

4. House Dry Wine £11.00

5. House Red Wine £11.00

6. House Medium Wine £11.00

About us


The idea of meal boxes arose after conducting multiple surveys and realising the spiralling cost of takeaway consumption especially when people decided to add variety with side dishes. Another trend we realised was that individuals in a group often wanted different side dishes but ended up coming to a compromise based on the wishes of others.

At Feast East each box is made for you- whatever you’re feeling!

Working with The Dragon Restaurant we will be launching our ‘all-in-one‘ meal boxes on December 20th.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Us

17-19 Fisherton Street, Salisbury,SP2 7SU, Wiltshire, UK

Phone 01722321399


Delivery Hours

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7 days a week. Order from 17:30. Last order 22:00.

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